Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide:

Wall mount electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular in the modern home. The sleek contemporary design and efficient functionality of the units is providing the perfect solution to buyers looking for a more space conscious design than that of their mantel counterparts. Since wall mount fireplaces are hung or recessed into the wall and not taking up floor space, many of our customers comment at how much larger a wall mount electric fireplace makes their room feel. Like most electric fireplaces, most wall mount units can simply plug into any standard household outlet. Units are available in both vertical and horizontal designs and can usually reliably heat a room up to 400 sq/ft. Here in this guide are some features to consider before making your purchase. 

Surface or Hanging Mounts:

Hanging on your wall, much like a flat-screen television, surface mount fireplaces are the easy and convenient way to enjoy your wall mount electric fireplace without the hassle of installation. Simply follow the included instructions and equipment for install, then sit back and enjoy your new fireplace.

Recessed or Flush Mount:

Recessed fireplaces may require professional installation since they are designed to be permanently installed into the drywall. However, the elegance of a recessed electric fireplace is sure to be a conversation starter with your guests! 


Be sure to take note of where the heat vents on your unit are located. Some may be on top, while others may be on the bottom or sides. Hang your unit accordingly. Be careful not place sensitive objects such as art or TVs too near the vents. 

Cost Efficiency:

Electricity rates can vary greatly between locations, but on average the operational costs for electric fireplaces can be as low as 2¢ per hour when ran without heat, and about 12¢ per hour with heat on.